Frequently Asked Questions


Q: It says you can upload up to five images per category. Does this mean of the same artwork?
A: The online entry form is set up for you to submit a series of images. You may submit five images of the same artwork or five of a series. Please keep in mind that you may only submit a description and the measurements with the first image. Make sure all your images in a series are strong. Your work will be judged as whole, not individually.

Q: When I use Paypal to pay for the entry fee, will it automatically convert the currency? What is the cost in USD?
A: Your credit card company will automatically convert the currency. You can see today's exchange rate at:

Q: Where can I obtain a printed entry form if I want to mail my payment?
A: You may download a printable .pdf of the entry form. You must complete the online entry form, however. Write the Entry ID number on the entry form and mail it to us.

Q: What size should the digital files and prints be?
A: Digital submissions must be saved as .jpg, and may not exceed 800 pixels (72dpi) in height or width. Prints should be approximately 25 cm in height/width. If you are submitting video, film or moving images, you can submit a link (URL) to your online presentation.

Q: Can I enter same work into multiple categories?
A: Yes, you may enter the same work into as many categories as you want. In fact, doing so may increase your chances of winning. Please note that there is an additional fee for each subcategory you submit to.

Q: What is time of the final deadline?
A: We accept online entries until midnight, Central European Time, on the final deadline. We accept mailed entries that are post-marked before the final deadline, as long as we get the entry within 10 days of the closing date.

Q: If my artwork is selected, will it be displayed in a gallery in London?
A: LICC will send an announcement to all galleries in London with the list of the winners and their bios, in order to maximize the publicity for the selected artists. LICC will not, however organize any exhibition of the work in London due the cost of shipping and custom and tax logistics. The work of finalists will be the presented at the awards ceremony in London, published in the annual book, and online. The Shortlist will be published in the annual book and online.

Q: I understand that a video entry should be only five minutes in length? My video is actually in loop. Is that okay?
A: Yes, as long as the final artwork for the jury to view is no longer than 5 min. If the jury wishes to judge the full video, we may contact you to submit the full work.

Q: When are the winners announced? Will we be notified of the results?
A: All artists will be notified and winners will be announced online 6 weeks after the final deadline.

Q: Does it matter what location I send my submission to?
A: If you wish to send in your submission by post, you may send the work to our mailing address either in London or Los Angeles, whichever is easier for you. Regardless of where you send it, all work will be online for the jury to review.

Q: Is the main goal of LICC to sell books?
A: No. The books are sent free of charge to all the winners and to many international art galleries and institutions.

Q: Why an awards ceremony in place of an exhibition?
A: It has been a big challenge to show the work of fifteen finalists. Some of the challenges has been that the work was sold before the exhibition could take place, the exorbitant cost of shipping art, the customs clearance, insuring the artwork and securing a prestigious gallery space in London for a month. We think an award ceremony will present more of an excitement about the works of the finalists and a good venue for the art world to view the presentation of the artist and their work in a very focused environment.

Q: How is the awards ceremony presented?
A: The awards ceremony presents the work of finalists to the press, galleries, dealers and collectors. The presentation includes a 2 to 3 minute video of each of the fifteen selected artists, comprising of their work and their bio. At the finale, the prize-winning artist will be announced.