Submission Guidelines

Digital Submissions
Digital submissions must be saved as jpegs (.jpg), 72dpi, and not exceed 800 pixels in height or width.

Digital and Multimedia Submissions (Sound, Film and Video)
Submit graphic, time-based, interactive, or sound portfolios on a CD or a DVD. Include an inventory list with the title, file type (JPG, MOV, MP3 etc) and length of each piece. Label the jewel case and disc with your name, address, and phone number. Please include credits, with contact information, when possible.  Each piece should be limited to no more than five minutes in length.

Writing Submissions
Writing submissions are not to exceed 500 words and are to be submitted in a word document or PDF. Book example submissions are to be in a multi-page PDF; not to exceed five pages.

NetArt and Website Submissions
You may enter the URL in the description portion of the online entry.