Jan. 1st, 2008

London International Creative Competition is delighted to announce the Finalists and Shortlist of the first annual competition. LICC is a vehicle for facilitating contact between uniquely talented artists and an international audience. The first year’s competition attracted thousands of entries from 95 countries.

Neil Beloufa, France, “Kempinski", Category: Video and Film,
Cesar Cornejo, United States, “La Cantuta”, Category: Installation
Anne-Marie Creamer, United Kingdom, “Meeting the Pied Piper in Brasov”, Category: Video and Film
Paola de Grenet, Spain, “Albino Beauty”, Category: Photography
Angela Ellsworth, United States, “Hot Air: Keep Yourself Alive”, Category: Video and Film
Taina Galis, United Kingdom, “Minerva”, Category: Video and Film
Filip Jonker, Netherlands, "Harvest / Terra Nullius", Category: Sculpture
Adam Kalinowski, Poland, “The Sky Reaching Railway Track”, Category: Sculpture
Juan Miro and Miguel Rivera, Miró Rivera Architects, United States, “Pedestrian Bridge”, Category: Architectural
Alyssa Pheobus, United States, “I’m on Fire”, Category: Painting
PTW (in association with CSCEC & Arup), Australia, “Watercube”, Category: Architectural
Mats Jørgen Sivertsen, Norway, “iCyborg Manifested”, Category: Photography
Lucas Soi, Canada, “Untitled”, Category: Illustration
Tiffany Trenda, United States, “A Condemned Opera” Category: Performance
Liat Yossifor, United States, “The Dawning of an Aspect”, Category: Painting

Mattias Adolfsson, Sweden, “The Whaler”, Category: Illustration
Marc Asnin, United States, “Uncle Charlie”, Category: Photography
Matt Baker, United Kingdom, “Shinglehook”, Category: Installation
Sara Bavar, United States, “Generation Tehran”, Category: Video and Film
Richard Boll, United Kingdom, “Gallery”, Category: Photography
Sara Bomans, Belgium, “Trophy”, Category: Sculpture
Giorgio Borruso, United States, “Fornarina Las Vegas”, Category: Interior Design
David Bowen, United States, "Growth Rendering Device", Category: Sculpture
The Bridge Club, United States, “The Voyage Out”, Category: Performance
Jennifer Celio, United States, “A Trip to the Park”, Category: Other
Juan Chavez, United States, “Speaker Project”, Category: Installation
colab studio, llc, United States, “Cedar Street Residence”, Matthew and Maria Salenger, Category: Architectural and “Moving Memories” Eddie Jones, Matthew and Maria Salenger, with Jones
Studio, Inc. Category: Sculpture
Carlos Contente, Brazil, “Green on Contente’s Show”, Category: Writing
Matt Coyle, Australia, “Dream 2”, Category: Illustration
Jessica d'Avigdor, Germany, “Question to the Digital”, Category: Video and Film
Urska Draz, Slovenia, “textiledressdesign”, Category: Fashion
Uta Elv, Germany, “Im Schatten meiner Locken”, Category: Painting
Andrew Eyman, United States, “THE END”, Category: Video and Film
fabric | ch (C. Babski, S. Carion, C.Guignard, P. Keller), Switzerland, “Perpetual (Tropical) Sunshine”, Category: Installation
Thomas Falstad, Norway, “Isle of Doom”, Category: Painting
Bob Faust, United States, “Nick Cave Boxfolio”, Category: Graphic Design
Marco Ferreri, Italy, “Puralace”, Category: Installation
Jason Fletcher, United States, “Elk Cloner”, Category: Video and Film
Martine Fougeron, United States, “Tete-a-Tete: Intimate Portraits of Adolescent Sons”, Category: Photography
Tamar Frank, Netherlands, "Spatial Transition II", Category: Installation
Wolfgang Hametner, Switzerland, “Her Letter”, Category: Illustration
Sean Hovendick, United States, “Be A Man”, Category: NetArt
Mitya Kushelevich, Germany, “Home”, Category: Photography
Marcio Kogan, Brazil, “Cury House” and “Micasa Store”, Category: Architectural
Man Lok Law, China, “Thus the Chinese Spake”, Category: Video and Film
Ed Lippmann, Australia, "Butterfly House", Category: Architecture
Carolyn Mason and Susannah Slocum, United States, “Maternity & Matrimony”, Category: Performance
David Miles, United Kingdom, “Pact; Milkman; Ghost; Inquest; Este verano te mato”, Category: Sculpture
Frog Morris, United Kingdom, “Anti-Frieze”, Category: Audio/Music
Karim Najjar, Austria, “Bug, Kinematic Space", Category: Architectural
Kim Herforth Nielsen, Denmark, "Orestad College" and “Valby-City of All Ages"
Adam Niklewicz, United States, “Selection of works", Category: Sculpture
Kristen Nyce, United States, “Instruments to Facilitate the Study of Speech and Sound”, Category: Sculpture
Andrew Ohanesian and Tescia Seufferlein, United States, “30-yr. Fixed”, Category: Installation
Rok Oman & Spela Videcnik, OFIS ARHITEKTI, Slovenia, “Infrastructure”, Category: Architectural
Nachaat Ouayda, Lebanon, “Project R”, Category: Environmental Design
Liliana Ovalle, Mexico, “Crash bench- it came from the skies”, Category: Design
Robin Provart-Kelly, United States, “Mending Series”, Category: Sculpture
Case Randall, United States, “That Teenage Feeling/Blow”, Category: Sculpture
Miguelina Rivera, France, "Power of Thorns", Category: Sculpture
Comenius Roethlisberger, Switzerland, "Dearest Constellation, Sweetest Invitation", Category: Sculpture
Rod Roodenburg and David Coates, Canada, “GDC Anniversary Stamp”, Category: Graphic Design
Daniel Rosenbaum, Australia, “Formations on Ice”, Category: Interior Design
Ted Sabarese, United States, “Evolution”, Category: Photography
Indre Serpytyte, United Kingdom, “State of Silence”, Category: Photography
Christopher Silva, United States, “Human Mess”, Category: Installation
Andrew Smaldone, Italy, “The Space in Between 1”, Category: Painting
Mark A. Smith, United States, “Red”, Category: Graphic Design
Bryce Speed, United States, “Double Lives”, Category: Painting
Bob Stevens, United States, “Friends are not Disposable”, Category: Advertising
Saskia Takens-Milne, United Kingdom, “Untitled”, Video and Film
Tim Taylor, United Kingdom, “Office Explorations”, Category: Installation
Michael Tole, United States, “Untitled (Blue Egg)”, Category: Painting
Bridget Walker, Australia, “One Verse, No Chorus”, Category: Video and Film
Christian Weber, Germany, “No. 8”, Category: Painting
Paola Zampa, Italy, “Francesa; Greetings from Kabul", Category: Textile

LICC was founded by Farmani Group in 2006. Among others, Farmani has founded many charities, businesses and arts organizations including The Lucie Awards and International Photography Awards. LICC was formed to provide an open platform and even playing field for all artists. The competition is open to artists from around the world and is judged solely on the artwork.

LICC has a small jury, made up of only the best in the world, with proven artistic expertise. This year’s jury members are:
Alfonso Artiaco, Alfonso Artiaco, Naples, Italy
Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu, Architect, London, United Kingdom
Marcia Fortes, Director, Galeria Fortes Vilaça, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Xavier Hufkens, Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, Belgium
Sarah Kent, Writer and critic, London, United Kingdom
Vera Monro, Galerie Vera Monro, Hamburg, Germany
Knut Ormhaug, Senior Curator, Bergen Art Museum, Bergen, Norway
Stathis Panagoulis and George Vamvakidis, Directors, The Breeder, Athens, Greece
Barbara Polla, Owner and Director of Analix Forever Galerie, Geneva, Switzerland
Rebecca McClelland, Photo Director with Art World Magazine and Associated Newspapers, London, United Kingdom
Esther Schipper, Owner and Director, Esther Schipper, Berlin, Germany
Ben Tomlinson, Director of Alma Enterprises, London, United Kingdom
Lisa Wells, Art Appraiser and Advisor, Los Angeles, USA

For more information please contact:
Launa Bacon Director tel: +44(0)7842253765

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