LICC Trophy has been designed by Architect ARSHIA of VOID Inc.

Each Finalist will receive a segment of the LICC Awards slate. When each trophy is fit together, it will form a completed piece of art work, like a jigsaw puzzle.

On the 10th anniversary of LICC, all the artist along with their trophies, will gather together and present their altered trophy. At that time, these piece will be united, combined, and put on display at an exhibition in London.

We hope each artist employs their own unique method to modify these pieces, so when these separate trophies are placed together, they will embody masterpiece of collaboration. We hope throughout the years these Trophies will be exhibited at museum and galleries and become highly collectible.

Arshia "The idea behind the trophy was for it to able to fit together like a puzzle once they are returned at a specified anniversary. For this we looked at the simple tilings of M C Escher and at the same time incorporated the mechanism of a traditional jigsaw puzzle. Each trophy, when laid flat will fit together to form a tabular surface, yet they are capable of fitting together in a rotational assemblage when the holes are fitted through a singular spine. The circle on the LICC logo travels from one tentacle of the trophy to another, becoming larger each time and fusing an impact on the acrylic until a hole a formed, a new window to the world and a different way of looking at things."