Entry Title: "Organic Highway"
Vicky Chan, Melissa Chan, Krystal Lung, Eve Hocheng, Daewook Lee, Aime Vailes-Marcie, Allen Poon, Gilbert Yeung, Andrew Kinoshita, Gary Chan, Brian Mok, Clive Chan, Richard Alomar, Erik Madsen, Ching-Yu Lin, Isabella Sim
, United States
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

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Baoan China is upgrading its manufacturing sector to be sustainable and technology oriented, the city also wants to modernize its 30km long 12-lane G107 highway to allow for more efficient transit and new real estate development. We started the G107 challenge by questioning the role of a highway. We propose that traditional highways are outdated and inefficient. Our proposal will demonstrate that multimodal transportation systems with drones, auto-pilot vehicles and high-speed transit are the future of 21st century urban development.

Instead of treating the traditional highway as a fixed piece of infrastructure, we will design a smaller and multi-layered network which will be a starting point of growth for a smart city. The project also aims to reconnect Baoan Western waterfront with its eastern mountain. The design will transform Baoan into a Green Manufacturing City with sharing economy as its backbone.

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