Entry Title: " untitled"
Heribert Friedl
, Vienna, Austria
Category: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

about 190 x 270 cm (measure variable) color and scent on wall Both stylised forms (silhouettes), which Heribert Friedl directly has painted on the wall, is connected by the viewer with
romanticising recollections of the healthy world of the early childhood. St. Nicholas and Easter bunny â to both figures have become symbols for those holidays which one has whished to himself
as a child over and over again. Since the thought of St. Nicholas and Easter bunny gives an understanding of the fulfilment of the most different dreams.... From our cultural experience Easter bunny
and St. Nicholas are recognised in her silhouettes. However, only the grating in the picturesque surface confirms the optical supposition that it must concern here sweets: The figures start to unfold
an enticing chocolate smell. Consequently Heribert Friedls wall work is completed only at that moment at which one damages them in scratching and offends with it actively against the sublime laws of
the art consideration. What is prohibited museum and exhibition visitors generally, becomes here the order and the request to lift distance and to bring to bear the work completely.... The
monumental size St. Nicholas and Easter bunny figure for Heribert Friedl personally is more an educational-critical reference than a recollection of the petite, cosy bunny and trusting St. Nicholas.
According to Marcel Proust smell and taste are a trigger of the recollections which allow the access to the internal reality. It is this internal reality and not the physical outside world surrounding
us which is vital to Proust for the creative creating of a piece of art. Exactly here, in the direct contact with the work Heribert Friedl is starting his artistic work. Without this direct, haptic
contact the work is not conceivable and readably.

About the Artist: