Entry Title: " Hello Mr Tesla"
, Ile Perrot, Canada
Category: Sculpture, Professional

Entry Description:

HELLO MR. TESLA It is my tribute to the great but poorly known scientist Nikola Tesla (1856 [Austrian Empire] - 1943 [USA]). Tesla worked all his life on electricity and is credited for his works on
coil, turbine, oscillators, electric car, alternative current, induction motor, and wireless technology. At the end of his life he was working on plans of a particle beam weapon but never got to
finish them. He was an utopian who believed that this powerful death ray could act as a deterrent to war by preserving a stable balance of power between potential belligerents. Polished brass - 18
x 24 x 30 cm

About the Artist:

LAJEUNIE Sculptor 2011: Arch, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati. Circles within squares has been selected. Exhibition from March 4 to April 1, 2011. 2010: Exhibition, Art Gallery Gala, Montreal,
December 2010. 2008: Sans compromis, Exhibition, Maison Trestler, April 23 - June 15, 2008. 1997 - 2002: Art director and set designer for Dans une galaxie
pr�ès de chez vous, a television series produced by Zone3 for Vrak TV. 2000: Arts 2000, Exhibition, Gallery Stratford, Ontario. Two works selected
and exhibited: Sangsue cubique and G�éod�ésiques. 1999:
D�éclics. Arts et soci�ét�é. Le
Qu�ébec des ann�ées 1960 �à 1970 Exhibition.
Mus�ée d'art contemporain de Montr�éal. Work presented:
L'��missaire (owned by the Museum). 1996: Art director for Pinpon, a children's television series produced by
T�él�éfiction for Canal Famille. 1968-1995: Set designer
Radio-Qu�ébec Main achievements as set designer during that period: 1995: Marcel poursuivi par les chiens, a 90-minute TV film adapted for
television from a play by Michel Tremblay, and directed by Robert Desrosiers. 1996 G��MEAUX AWARD WINNER Best Production
Design or Art Direction, all categories 1990 - 1994: Le club des 100 Watts, a children's television series. 1980 - 1989: Victor le vampire, a 90-minute TV film directed by Micheline
Guertin. 1986 G�émeaux Award nominee Best Production Design or Art Direction, all categories