Entry Title: " Vanitas"
charlotte cornaton
, Paris, France
Category: Video and Film, Professional

Entry Description:

Vanitas is a state of emptiness.Vanitas is a parallel between ceramics and graphic design through a triptych of contemporary vanities : body, knowledge, morality. A ceramic skull divided in 13
pictogrammes is the starting point of this thesis project. A stop motion video with ceramics confront new technology and tradition. Each pictogramm of the skull is "destroy" in order to show
time flying. Earth is memory, permanence, roots. Earth is matter, ephemera, transition. Earth is strehgth and fragility, belief and uncertainty. Earth is vanity.

About the Artist:

In creating video art work and sculptur, I like to mix different artistic fields and link them in order to find new vision in my work. Graduated in June 2009 for Vanitas video at ESAG Penninghen in
Paris, I also studied ceramics at Central Saint Martins School of London, I have been working as a video artist and sculptor since two year now. The latest video "Appearance" was part of
the private course of FIAC 2010, and criticizes the masquerade society we live in. Totem 66, was made for the International Poster and Graphic design Festival of Chaumont with Zahra Sebti, following a
roadtrip on Route 66 and a study of codes of subculture of the '60s and what it remains of today. Plus jamais, sculptures made from Michèle Chast and participation of Pierre
Arditi was done as part of the fight against violence against women. I therefore produced mainly experimental videos between graphic design and contemporary art, where I use traditional techniques,
such as ceramic, to animate them.