Entry Title: " Procession (Exodus)"
Clinton De Menezes
, London, United Kingdom
Category: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

Procession (Exodus ) alludes to patterns of migration, both factual and intangible. The wall acts as the physical geography on which the cast figures, scale 1:43 and 1:45, rally across. The organic
shape for the work was determined through the process of installation and makes reference to shapes of land masses, patterns of migrating animals and birds to an organic network of rural paths or
crowds in urban space. The work refers to global migration patterns and the mass movement of people, either through choice or through the effects of war or natural disaster. Personal and cultural
identity and the regeneration and degeneration of communities, societies and nations are in constant flux due to this process of globalisation.

About the Artist:

Clinton De Menezes was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1970. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine art from the Durban Institute of Technology in 2004. De Menezes has lectured in
drawing and history of art at M.L. Sultan Technikon and Mediatek Durban. He successfully co-founded the Art and Sculpture Studio at Chestnut Road Studios and ArtSpace Durban, co-ordinating and
facilitating painting and drawing classes for adult learners. He was the curator of The Cupboard Gallery and a member of the Red Eye Art Collective. In 2004 De Menezes founded Alchemy Studios, a
company established to fabricate artwork for private and public spaces. In 2007 he relocated to the United Kingdom to actively market Alchemy Studios and pursue his career in Fine art. In 2010 he was
invited to install Procession (Exodus) on long term loan in the contemporary galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. In 2011 he won the tender for a major commission for the new offices
of PriceWaterhouseCoopers in More London designed by Norman Forster.