Entry Title: " Buba"
Neta Amir
, Tel Aviv, Israel
Category: Textile, Professional

Entry Description:

Textile sculpture, made by combination of re-used materials. Approximate Dimensions: 35X45X48cm Buba in Hebrew means doll, soft toy, and puppet, it used with girls to mean little cute and beautiful,
and with the same meaning it used as compliment, or as ironic nick name, for women as well. For me, the dolls I create always deal with this word, and its diverse meanings.

About the Artist:

Neta Amir makes astonishingly provocative dolls, dolls that have both a human and fantasy-like complexity, dolls that have an enchanting yet dark quality. Born and raised in Israel on a kibutz, Neta
began making textile handcrafts when she was a young child. This passion for textile and handcraft lead her to fashion design studies (Shenkar Institute of Design), in 2005 several years of work in
commercial clothing companies she decided, to devote herself to a more creative and artistic work-path. Her work combines the disciplines of traditional textile crafts with the visual arts;
sculpture, painting and photography.