Entry Title: " Kirk Originals London Flagship Store"
, London, United Kingdom
Category: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

In stark contrast to the conventional clinical white box of traditional opticians, a dramatic interior for the London flagship store of eyewear brand Kirk Originals to convey its heritage and be
conducive to browsing and trying on handcrafted frames on display. The design features displays of winking eyes in various guises: a series of larger than life lenticular printed eyes are suspended in
the front window, simultaneously winking and catching customers' eyes as they approach and enter the store. A wall display of human-like "winkies" runs the length of the store: 187 white
powder-coated sculptural heads, each wear a unique frame and can be tilted and re-positioned to create clusters of onlookers providing a ready-made audience. A restricted palette of monochromatic
colours and modest materials keeps the spotlight firmly on the "winkies" adorned with frames as if displaying works of art.

About the Artist:

Campaign is an award winning retail design agency. The studio develop integrated brand experiences through interior, brand and digital design. Campaign is comprised of creatives from a diverse
range of backgrounds â architects, film makers, interior, graphic and product designers â all hands on in exploring different media and methods in order to tell unique and engaging brand
stories. âCampaignâs approach embraces current cultural and social attitudes and technology, but delivers unexpected outcomes, and thatâs what makes it consistently
different.â Emma Chiu, LSN Global January 2011