Entry Title: " Sleeping Birds"
sinead rice
, Dublin 2, Ireland
Category: Sculpture, Professional

Entry Description:

My work engages with the idea of impermanence, derived from Zen Buddhist philosophy. The work is an attempt to visually create the sense of silence, emptiness and beauty derived from meditation on the
impermanence of reality and a sense of the fragility of life and the self as an intrinsic part of nature.

About the Artist:

Sinead Rice was born in 1975. After completing a degree in English and Philosophy in The National University of Ireland, Galway, she returned to college to study Fine Art Painting at the Crawford
College of Art and Design. She received a First Class Honors degree in 2002. Her work always has been a combination of painting and sculpture and having developed an interest in casting she returned
to college in 2005 to study for a Master of Arts in the National college of Art and Design, Ceramics Department. Having graduated in 2007, she now works in both mediums and lives in Dublin.