Entry Title: " go with god"
, Neu Wulmstorf, Germany
Category: Illustration, Professional

Entry Description:

Collage on antik paper/ 21 x 32 cm In the media, we see pictures every day. These pictures seem familar, because they correspond with our learned ways of seeing and perceiving.Doing collage, I want
to make reality look foreign to us again. Every day experience shall strike the spectator as the extraordinary. Real things from real life will look aloof in collage. This is my opportunity to re-see
the world and to make the subconscious visible. I work on and with old paper, mostly from antique books and magazines, which I buy on flea markets or at the antiquarian's. This is a quite
economic way for me to doart.

About the Artist:

www.kerstinstephan.com GROUP EXHIBITION 2011 CUTTER, Gestalten Verlag Berlin 2011 CUTTER, WestArtCenter Cork, Ireland, curated by James Gallagher NY 2010 2025 e.V. Hamburg KEY 2010
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