Entry Title: " svoura"
Raissa Angeli
, PRAGUE, Czech Republic
Category: Sculpture, Professional

Entry Description:

The contradiction of an object (spinning top) with the space which it contents. materials:concreate boards,steel,fiberglass resin,acrystal,acrylic and spray cans paint.sound
instalation.dimensions:320cm x 320cm A still giagantic spinning top unable to spin or move,traped inside a box,comes in contrast with the space it encloses,like its dreamings,a colourfull feeling of
motion. Boundaries and restrictions growing around us and obstract us to move and develope freely and reveal the contents of our desires which have the potential to become a phychological prison

About the Artist:

born in 1986 in Cyprus.Studied for 6 years sculpture in the Acadely of Fine Arts in prague.Working and leaving in Prague