Entry Title: " Augenblicke - Glimpses"
constance egger-klee
, Telfs, Austria
Category: Sculpture, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

The piece including the frame is 255cm x 130cm x 35cm. Textile Object/Room devider/sculpture Materials: polyester organza, cotton, wool toppings, moss (preserved for model building). Wooden
frame on two stable stands, the single layers are suspended between metal rods on the top and bottom. Techniques: Appliqué worked from both (all six !) sides of the object-
textured and embellished with hand embroidering, needle felting, machine lacing technique (on water soluble fabric). The edges of the large pieces are finished by rolling as silk scarves usually are;
this retains the airy and light, floating impression of the piece. Concept: The piece is named
�AUGENBLICKE�, which on the one hand means
�moments�, but taken literally also signifies
�glimpses� or
�glances�. We perceive the depth of space mainly by moving through space in time
� from moment to moment, glimpse to glimpse. Our perspective changes and we see new aspects of the world around us. Change and motion also form
the basis for our perception of time. This piece shows three layers of time-space: to be perceived by observing the changes while moving around the object.

About the Artist:

Was born on July 7, 1961 in Washington D.C. Now live in Tirol/Austria. Am an Occupational Therapist and a CranioSacralTherapist. I grew up in creative surroundings, my mother being a tailor and
textile artist. Only since the middle of the year 2009 did I begin the exciting discovery of textile arts. There is an inner connection to my work with body fascia - body fibers. I'm fascinated
by life itself and so I love organic forms and expressions.