Entry Title: " SUR LA PLAGE"
bea szenfeld
, Solna, Sweden
Category: Fashion, Professional

Entry Description:

âSur la Plageâ - â A new âhaute papierâ collection by Swedish fashion designer Bea Szenfeld. The new collection âSur la Plageâ is a continuation of Bea
Szenfeld earlier paper projects âPaper Dollsâ (exhibit earlier at Nordiska, Museum of cultural history in Sweden) and âWhatever Foreverâ (exhibit earlier at Paris Fashion
Week). âSur la Plageâ contains 12 outfits, each and every one manufactured by hand and out of paper. In the hands of Bea Szenfeld the paper undergoes a complete metamorphosis. The compact
cardboard is cut and fold into tiny architectural concoctions, which are assemble together by hand into incredible creations that leads your mind to Jules Vernes fictitious sea demons. âI have
dived deep this time to find inspirationâ, says Bea and laughs while she is trying to close her sketchbook which is overfilled with pictures of echinoderms, sea lilies and star corals. But the
inspiration didnât only come from the tropical seabeds. Among the rolling waves and uninhabited islands appears also the mythological folklore of the seamen. It is a male- âdominated
existence with water sprits and sea nymphs that fascinates and seduces the men and drags them into the deep seas and rivers. With this simple resources as paper Bea has created a beautiful and
delicate collection of garments.Dreamlike textures and elaborately layered wisps, precise paper- âcuts and expressive forms. Everything is pleated,stuck,sewed, and glued by hand. âPaper
is a marvelous material with a complex characterâ says Bea. âIt has an endless amount of structures and technical solutions that opens the door to new perspectives! Are these garments
wearable? No. Washable? No. Strangely exquisite? Yes!

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