Entry Title: " Choreographing Space"
Eva Perez de Vega
, New York, United States
Category: Architectural Design, Professional

Entry Description:

Like choreography, the spaces of our built environment are significantly concerned with the movement of people through them. Architectural spaces have historically been conceived of and materialized
through static organizational models that deal more with the idea of permanence and stability rather than that of dynamics and movement. Choreographing Space is a performance installation aimed at
challenging these inert models of organization, in order to find aesthetic, architectonic, and social patterns that afford novel ways of interacting with our environment. Choreographing Space was
built and performed as an exploration into the overlaps of space, movement, and performance. by enveloping a an interior storefront space in lower Manhattan with an interactive mesh capable of
transformation, the project became at once performance event and architectural environment, fusing performer and audience, space and movement into one continuous experience oscillating between static
and dynamic states. Open to the public as a relaxing, meditative, yet interactive environment during the day, it transformed into performance space in the evenings. every event was uniquely
curated, opening with a different film screening by a dancer/filmmaker and followed by live performances with sound pieces written specifically for each show. dancers utilized the unique topography,
and weaving through the audience manipulated the suspended mesh with their movements to create a continuously changing environment. Attempting to blur both literal and conceptual thresholds, the
project developed an ongoing dialogue with viewers and passers-by assimilating them as active participants capable of interacting with it and, in effect, choreographing the space.

About the Artist:

Eva is an architect and choreographer, currently exploring techniques of exchange between both fields. The studio was founded in 2004 as a multidisciplinary architecture practice also involved in
interior design, product, set design and choreography. Since then, the studio has developed several dance choreography events that explore issues of space and interactivity as well as participated in
numerous international architectural competitions that have been granted recognition through awards and exhibitions. Originally from Rome, Italy, where she grew up, she received a masters and
bachelors in Architecture from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, where she graduated with honors in March 2001. Eva has been teaching Architecture and Design at The
Parsons School of Design since 2004. Eva is a 2008 Fellow in Architecture/ Environmental Structures from the New York Foundation for the Arts, and a recent grant award recipient from the Lower
Manhattan Cultural Council.