Entry Title: " Bejeweled"
Dianne Yudelson
, Pleasanton, United States
Category: Advertising, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

One well-appointed piece of jewelry can bring even the most bare-bones wardrobe to life.

About the Artist:

Dianne Yudelson is a photographic artist and master of the New Eclecticism. Her images are international winners in Photography Master's Cup, the PX3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris), IPA
(International Photography Awards), LICC (London International Creative Competition), and the Black and White Spider Awards. Throughout my life art has been the one true common thread, the stitches
that have bound my chapters together. As a photographic artist I embrace the ability to spotlight my point of view and give a voice to my imagination. I have melded my fine art, theater art, fashion
and stylist background with my academic training and teaching experience to create multi-layered images that explore both the visual and psychological aspects of our world and that challenge, delight
and educate the viewer. ~Dianne Yudelson -- www.dianneyudelson.com