Entry Title: " Chrysalis (Contents May Shift In Transit)"
Troy Gua
, Seattle, United States
Category: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

Chrysalis (Contents May Shift In Transit) Part of the Mad Homes Project, July 2011 madartseattle.com Referencing the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who have repeatedly denied that their
projects contain any deeper meaning than their immediate aesthetic impact, my work "Chrysalis (Contents May Shift In Transit)", while visually arresting, also addresses the themes of
commerce, commodity and consumption with the conversion of the doomed house at 723 Bellevue Ave East into a product, a package ready for shipment. On another level, the piece is designed to represent
a cocoon, a place of warmth and protection, a place of transformation, development, and rebirth. Background: Prior to salvage and/or relocation, a group of neighboring homes in Seattle will be used
by artists to create site specific installations. Artists are free to use both the interior and exterior spaces of the homes as their creative canvases to produce dynamic art installations. MadArt
believes these homes will provide a novel and noteworthy venue for the public to view art. Artists will be provided a unique opportunity to work in a temporary space, without conventional gallery show
constraints. MadArtâs goal on this art project is to provide unexpected enjoyment and a distinctive educational experience for the neighborhood and visitors, while providing local artists a
valuable and rare opportunity to create artwork.

About the Artist: