Entry Title: " Barbie Shanghai"
Slade Architecture
, New York, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

The 35,000 square foot store is the first ever Barbie Flagship. Mattel wanted a store where Barbie is hero, expressing Barbie as a global lifestyle brand by building on the brand's historical
link to fashion. Barbie Shanghai is the first fully realized expression of this broader vision. Our design is a sleek, fun, unapologetically feminine interpretation of Barbie: past, present, and
future. Throughout the retail areas, we played with the scale differences between dolls, girls and women. We reinforce the feeling of youth and the possibilities of an unapologetically girlish
outlook (regardless of age) by mixing reality and fantasy and keeping play and fun at the forefront - to create a space where optimism and possibility reign supreme as expressions of core Barbie

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