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"Bug, Kinematic Space"

Category: Architectural

Karim Najjar
website: www.najjar-najjar.com

Description: A space of isolation, which communicates through its enclosure, an interface with the outside world. The envelop is an instrument of communication - it changes its structure according to the events that occur inside. The space changes its structure through shifting and transferring its centre of gravity. When the occupant is at rest the box engulfs itself within the outer shells.

In connection with the phenomenon of the variety of human existence forms, the conception of Bug is to visualize the solitude of man in his environment. The hermit is aware of his seclusion, but nevertheless, he exposes his being to the public.

The kinematical mechanism of the box allows it to transform from one balanced state to another. By shifting the centre of gravity in diverse locations, the box transforms its shape into different forms. The geometrical configuration of the mechanism construction consists of articulated parallelogram elements with hinges, initiating the transformation of the geometry.

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