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"Cury House"

Category: Architectural

Marcio Kogan
website: www.marciokogan.com.br

Description: The Cury House is the alignment of design, of exhaustingly elaborated details, and of execution. The use of the materials, the form, the intention of the design, quietly materialize, as was thought out on the drawing board. This well-defined design is conjectured in the architectural detail. Each tiny re-entering angle of the house had been projected. The cleanliness and organization of the project are evident in the completed house. The workmanship, meticulous handicraft labor, gives weight, form and color to the architecture. In the entrance to the house, a small atrium links the spaces together: the path to the dining room and the kitchen, the living-room and, vertically, to the bedrooms on the first story and a small intimate area on the top floor. In this room, two large wooden lathe doors open onto a deck where, on one side there is a beautiful view of the city and, on the other, looks out to the garden that, further downstairs, continues out from the grand living room. The living-room opens entirely: two window moldings are entirely imbedded into the wall, constituting a continuous open and free space while offering a cross-ventilation between the two gardens. There is no interference of the structure in this area. The garden is structured by a wooden floor, a reflecting pool and minimalist vegetation. The interplay of volumes builds a surprisingly free and continuous space.

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