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“Fornarina Las Vegas”

Category: Interior Design

Giorgio Borruso
United States
website: www.borrusodesign.com

Description: We created, inside chaotic Las Vegas, an oasis for the Italian women’s fashion line ‘Fornarina’; a place of rest for the retina and the mind. Visitors are exposed to a series of “marvelous” products encased in moulded pearlescent and chrome rings, embedded on suspended cascading panels and unexpected floor undulations that form display surfaces. Lining the walls with sensual undulating curves are pearlescent eyelids from under which the product is illuminated. Strange light objects are raining from the sky, bulbs of glass suspended from fuchsia filaments and large tentacles supporting a grid of directional lights, an obtrusion of eyes, which observe and at the same time indicate where to concentrate our vision, in this oneiric experience.


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