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“Friends are not Disposable”

Category: Advertising

Bob Stevens
United States
website: www.bobstevens.com


Description: The objective was to target teens who might have friends who were spiraling downward under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The "Friends are not Disposable" headline encourages the audience not to treat their friends as "disposable" like trash, just because they have gotten themselves in trouble. It was our intention that the kids not look homeless, but instead look like they’ve been dumped there straight from their comfortable upper middle class suburban homes; a visual contradiction between a "regular" kid in the middle of a trash heap or junkyard. The props are designed to show that in their desperation, that they have made an attempt to create a "home" in a surreal sort of way. It was also our intention to have them appear reasonably well-dressed to imply that they are recent arrivals, thus underscoring the timeliness of contact and reaching out needed by their friends. The talent is portrayed as a vulnerable and confused as if they had been "disposed of". I designed a lighting and post-production approach to add a surreal quality and somber mood to the images with the talent bathed in a pool of light to create a sort of angelic presence
in the less than pleasant environments.


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