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"Nick Cave Boxfolio"

Category: Graphic Design

Bob Faust
United States
website: www.faustltd.com

Description: Mad. Humorous. Ritualistic. Visceral. Elaborate. Grotesque. Glamorous. Unexpected. ... All words used to describe Chicago multimedia performance artist Nick Cave's body of work entitled, "Soundsuits," a name inspired by the sound many emit when in which they are performed. Cave's 2006/7 exhibitions were accompanied by this "Boxfolio" which housed similarly unexpected materials of the mundane including light wands, iron-ons, magnets, playing cards, pins, customized ViewMaster, postcards, and, of course, an exhibition catalog and poster. The Boxfolio symbolized a challenge to the perception of what constitutes art and how it can be reproduced with the added analogy that both his work product and the Boxfolio, which was noisy when shaken, was inspired by sound.

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