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"Pedestrian Bridge"

Category: Architectural

Juan Miro and Miquel Rivera, Miró Rivera Architects
United States
website: www.mirorivera.com

Description: With a design inspired in the reeds that cover the lake, this pedestrian bridge is a light structure integrated in its setting. The bars/reeds intertwine at the abutments and “grow” over the bridge, camouflaging and turning it into a symbiotic, almost invisible link. The arch structure spans 80’ and is composed of 5” diameter pipes. The pipes support 1/2” diameter bars which become both decking and guardrails with a simple field bend. The irregular length and close spacing of the bars recall the reeds of the site. To further integrate the bridge in its setting the steel is left unfinished, just like the rope handrail and the stone ramps.

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