"Question to the Digital"

Category: Video and Film
Jessica d'Avigdor 
website: www.jessicadavigdor.com

Description:  "Question to the Digital" is one of my self-portraits in which I attempt to reveal what it feels like to live in a world that is overran by a wave of virtualisation. It shows a bodiless being which is digitally reproducing itself, quasi infinitely - an allusion to the fact that the cyberworld mainly focuses on mental connections while the body becomes less and less important. My work aims to illustrate that identities are increasingly dubious, interchangeable and reproducible. The question "For what reason can avatars fuck if they cannot get pregnant?" encourages the recipient to think about the meaning of virtual spaces, religion and future. The whole scenario could be interpreted as the visualisation of the spiritual heart of virtuality - questioning whether a 'spirit' exists in these data-spheres at all.

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