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Photo credit: Allan Devlin

Category: Installation

Matt Baker
United Kingdom
website: www.mattbaker.org.uk

Description: The concept  was a ‘place’ rather than an ‘object’ in the landscape - Shinglehook is a place to wait for geology. Growing from the opposite shore of the loch is a new land bridge that will eventually divide the water in two. The four bronze floats are precise castings taken from the material that comprises the growing land bridge. These small floating ‘islands’ await the approaching land. The line of floats is free to move with the water but is anchored to the land by underwater cabling held fast to the two oak structures, half-buried in the shale.

Permanent installation in green oak and cast bronze; St Mary’s Loch, Scottish Borders, UK. Overall length - 4,500cm, (bronze floats - 60cm diameter).

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