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"Spatial Transition II"

Category: Installation

Tamar Frank
website: www.lightspace.org

Description: This installation was created for an exhibition in the Lightart
Museum in Eindhoven in collaboration with sound artist Marten de Wind. The walls have
been painted with a linear pattern of phosphorescent pigment showing
deviating perspectives. On entering the space the walls are flushed with
green light disguising the lines. This is accompanied by a low sound. After
1 minute a stroboscope begins to pulse combined with a high pitched sound.
30 seconds later the green light extinguishes together with the low sound.
This continues for another 30 seconds after which both the stroboscope and
the high sound stop. The viewer is left to see only the afterglow of the
linear pattern on the walls revealing a different space. The afterglow is
accompanied by a thin sound that slowly diminishes.

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