Category: Video and Film
Andrew Eyman
United States
website: www.homepage.mac.com/anynewdream

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Description: Collected from 100 films made during 1950's Hollywood, “THE END” is a video montage of endings. These clips, showing short scenes with the words "The End" from a given film, with examples such as "THE AFRICAN QUEEN" (1951), "THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH" (1957), "NORTH BY NORTH-WEST" (1959), etc. are mixed and repeated in a random order. All 100 clips are from color films. The video is 1 hour long and there is no discernable beginning or end. On the soundtrack is music by Leonard Rosenman. It was taken from the finale of the 1955 film "EAST OF EDEN" and highlights Rosenman's signature "pyramid ending" (an orchestral climax). These few seconds of music have been cut-up and reorganized, forming a unique piece, which sounds as if it will end, but doesn't; it is a "stuck climax". Hence "THE END" never ends.

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