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"Valby-City of All Ages"

Category: Architectural

Kim Herforth Nielsen
website: www.3xn.dk

Address: Valby Langgade, Valby, Copenhagen
Organizer:Copenhagen Municipality
Size: 15.000 m2
Budget: DKK 150 Mio
Architect: 3XN archietcts.
Engineer: Carl Bro A/S
Landscape Architect: Møller & Grønborg
Description: ‘The city for all ages’ was the vision of the competition. The project integrates a kindergarten, senior care facilities, senior residences and family dwellings in order to make different ages meet and to try a more holistic city development. Two different building types are combined to one clear and simple building complex that reinterprets the classical city block. The complex can be read as two buildings lying on top of each other. They are not independent, but neither tied closely to each other; they have been optimized for their separate specific functions within an overall framework. The result is a minimum footprint at the ground and therefore larger and more varied open areas than in a traditional building complex. The two lower floors are occupied by senior care residences, day activity centres, senior training facilities and the kindergarten. This part has a clover shape, with each leaf creating a separate unit, connected to each other by several decentred common areas. It constitutes a secure and safe environment for the elderly, close connections with short walking distances for the staff and areas with no passing traffic. The upper two floors contain the family dwellings. These two floors expand to the limits of the site and draw up the classical city block. This gives each apartment an excellent contact to the surrounding city-scape that one expects from an urban dwelling, raised from street level. Green areas for the family dwellings are partly arranged at the rooftops of the lower floors.

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