Entry Title: "Screen"
Algis Kasparavicius
, Kaisiadorys,Lithuania
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

Installation ,,Screen,, consisting of glass walls and scattered stones on both sides. Symbolizes the borders and boundaries between people. The borders creates at the same time, when we look at what is behind the curtain.
When you want to look before the next will, expose privacy, denude. This action translates to hide, defend, attack, - thus deepening of the complete misunderstanding.
Installation dimensions variable.
Dimensions of the screen 300x400x4cm

About the Artist:

Algis was born in 1975 in Lithuania where he lives and
works. Designing engineer study at the Kaunas College of Technology in 1996.
Then studied sculpture at the Vilnius Fine Arts Akademy
in Vilnius, Lithuania and received his M.A. in 2005.